Hooty the owl


Owl – Yellow
By Hulki

Imagine how wonderful it would be to watch kids have the time of their lives playing in a giant Owl. Hooty the Owl sits perched in the highest tree your kids will love the thrill of the adventure while learning about these seldom-seen birds. Not only do kids genuinely love HULKIs, but setting up a HULKI in your living room will probably score you some brownie points too!

Product Details
Unique Dutch Design
Made in the Netherlands 
Ultra strong 4mm cardboard
100% Recyclable 
Easily fits 2 kids from age 3 till age 7
L 170cm  X  W 120cm  X  H 70cm  
L 67"  X  W 47"  X  H 28" 
5,9 kg / 13 lb

Note - HULKIs are not suitable for children under age 3