About us


Welcome to D.A.D – a place to explore and discover awesome design and products for children from 0-99.

We’re bringing together our experience as dads and designers to source and commission a range of products that the whole family can enjoy.

From stunning books and prints by some of the world’s top illustrators and designers to crafted toys and quirky gifts, everything we sell shares a beautiful design aesthetic, high production values and great usability.

We believe these are products that you’ll want to keep, so your kids can pass them down to their kids. You might even think some bits are too good for kids at all; that they'd look much better on a desk and generally more suitable for 'big kids'. We've got you covered as well.

We'll be constantly adding to our product range with items to delight and dazzle young minds and old heads, so be sure to check back regularly or sign up to our newsletter (below).   

For more great design and kids' content, including our ‘dadvice’ series of interviews with leading design dads, check out our blog dadsanddesign.com