Mo the turtle


Mo the turtle
By Hulki

Imagine how wonderful it would be to watch kids have the time of their lives playing in a giant Turtle. From the bottom of the sea, to the sandy shore, this HULKI turtle will take you on quite an adventure. Your little ones will learn while having fun. Listen, play, or read along.

Not only do kids genuinely love HULKIs, but setting up a HULKI in your living room will probably score you some brownie points too!

Product Details
Unique Dutch Design
Made in the Netherlands 
Ultra strong 4mm cardboard
100% Recyclable 
Easily fits 3 kids from age 3 till age 7
L 190cm  X  W 150cm  X  H 82cm  
L 74"  X  W 59"  X  H 32" 
7,3 kg / 16 lb

Note - HULKIs are not suitable for children under age 3